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      I traveled in India years ago and among many things I liked was walking down narrow streets and peering into shops. You'd see things there you'd never seen before. Not gross things, just interesting ones. Usha Food Market brings back a little of that feeling for me. Very cool merchandise in addition to the food. When I went in recently and got a small amount of food, I asked the proprietor if he knew where a certain road was. (I am a smart phone hold out.) He did everything he could to help me out and he was successful. A good guy and I imagine if you had any questions or wanted advice an Indian recipe he'd be great at providing the answers.

    thumb Bill M.

      In the area temporarily and wanted to check this place out. What a an amazing little shop, made mostly so by the wonderful man behind the counter. I stopped in mostly to look around and to maybe also pick up some spices and besan flour. Well, I left w/ several more items than I had planned on buying.

    The sweet man behind the counter (the owner) greeted me SO warmly, showed me around, and provided tips on how to prepare moong dahl (which he also told me is great for the joints --how he knew I needed help w/ that is beyond me, but I welcomed the advice b/c, yes, my joints could use a bit of help). On the way out, he treated me to one of the BEST samosas I have ever eaten (dusted w/ just the right amount of kala namak--YUM!)-- "As a thank you for being so nice!"  I'm the one that was thankful for the hospitably and the treat!

    This is a GREAT shop for basics, legumes, chutneys, spices, and outstanding customer service. They have a great selection of healthy products. I was very happy w/ my visit, and if I'm in the area again, I'll definitely go back.

    thumb Universal Citizen S.

      Came in looking for Turmeric, then to my amazement they had organic products, the Owner was so nice and courteous told me that soon they will be carrying even more organic products i am all in for mom & pops stores getting my hard earned money keep it in the community. Will be back soon.

    thumb Erwin J.

      This is a small but well stocked Indian grocery- they have spices, rice, grains, lentils and other items like ghee and Indian pickles. They also have a small selection of produce like okra, cilantro, chilis, ginger, etc. Basically all you need for making Indian food. The proprietor is extremely friendly and helpful. Recommended!

    thumb Publius K.

      Fantastic! The owners were super friendly and helped us find exactly what we were looking for. He recommended naan straight from India instead of getting the one made in the US. Great choice (I'm sure the other option was great as well). He gave us tips on how to cut our chicken and make curry. Very authentic and we will be back!

    thumb Jill P.

      have to review this place. Shifted to Malvern from NJ and found this place to do my shopping.
    first thing first, Sundar and Kiran uncle. they ll make you feel this place as your home  by their hospitality. Sundar helped me in my grocery shopping.

    though shop is small,  dont have much option in vegetables  but still, most of the items you ll definitely find here. if there is price diff, they ll make adjustment for you.  they ll go extra mile to make your shopping comfortable and homely (never seen this in my 2.5 yrs of stay in USA).

    Def Recommended..!!
    Thank you Kiran Uncle. You touched my heart.

    thumb Sanjay G.

      Its a small Indian Groceries shop in Malvern area with limited stock. The shop owner is very friendly and helpful. Even offers a ride back home.

    thumb Arunkumar R.

      Excellent customer service and good selection of pulses, spices and frozen items. We've tried a few different Indian grocery stores in the area and this one seems to be the best of the lot. One of the owners was at the front when we went and he was incredibly courteous and helpful. An absolutely wonderful shopping experience.

    thumb Tarang B.

      A good Indian grocery store with a decent variety of vegetables and groceries. The gentleman running the store is extremely sweet and courteous. He went out of his way to ensure that we found what we needed.

    They're renovating their store, so they are a bit low on stock on a few things. One of the biggest pros is that unlike other Indian stores I've been to their vegetables were fresh. Prices seemed reasonable. Will definitely be going back.

    thumb Anushya P.

      I read other reviews about Royal India and have not been so cannot compare. However, I came in because I found this place between my work and home and needed a few items. As soon as I walked in the owners greeted me and asked me if I wanted tea (they were making some for themselves). They made me feel as though it was a homey environment rather than a place of business. I would definitely return.

    thumb Sheila P.

      First of all to say the owner of this shop is awesome and friendly . This is the best Indian grocery in this county with more options to choose with better price .

    thumb Sumanth K.

      Owner very nice, but Royal India a half mile away has better selection...

    thumb Roger S.

      I will concur with a previous reviewer that the gentleman who was running this place today when I stopped in was very friendly.

    Like, really friendly. Like, he wanted to be my friend kind of friendly.

    Well, I was the only one in the store. Maybe he just wanted someone to talk to?

    It's all good. I just stopped in to see what they had in case I wanted a second Indian store option near work. Royal India up the street is the competition, and they're tough to beat.

    Usha falls a little short of Royal India's selection. But it's still a good selection of Indian groceries.  And if they don't have it, you can ask my new friend behind the counter and he will call someone to see if he can get it for you. He did that for me.

    And any place I can get 5 packages of Parle G biscuits for a buck is alright by me.

    thumb Steve S.

      This is the most personable grocery store I have ever been in.  I was looking for ingredients and was given recipe instructions by the owner Karin and his wife Usha.  The nicest people you'd ever want to meet.

    thumb Nan K.

      Indian Food Lovers rejoice!  Now you can have Indian Food any day of the week by shopping here.  I was able to find Garlic Naan, Lamb Vindaloo, Gulab Jamun, Coriander Chutney, Lentil Crisps (Papad), Lamb Kabobs, and all the ingredients needed to make Homemade Mango Lassi.  

    NOTES:  They're located in the CORNER of the shopping center.  You actually have to enter (2) doors to get to it.  At first it seems small until you realize there's a second larger room in the back housing the bulk of their supplies.  The Indian couple owners are VERY helpful!  If they don't have something they'll get it for you in (1) week.

    * They take Credit Card IF your order is more than $20.  Otherwise it's cash only.

    thumb Craig D.

      I'm in serious withdrawal.  I moved back to the States in early March.  I spent the first few weeks basically doing nothing in San Francisco for a eight weeks.  Now I'm back east and I'm trying to get my bearings as to where things are and where I can find my favorite products..  

    San Francisco is easy when it comes to international foods.  There is a fair amount of diversity and when I needed to track down an Asian market it took me maybe five minutes with the help of the Internet.  However, now I'm out in suburban Philadelphia.  The search isn't quite as easy.  It's not impossible as you see various ethnicities around you everyday, but the catch is where do they shop to get ingredients for their native food dishes and specialties?  I asked someone and she immediately gave me details directions, but I'm helping to bring this info to the Internet.

    I'm addicted to kimchee and pickled garlic.  I was hoping the Chinese market in this center would have them both.  They only had kimchee.  On the way in, I saw Usha Food Market, but didn't stop there as I was looking for northeast Asian specialties.  On the way out, however, I figured I was there and decided to check.

    The lady behind the counter was very friendly and guided me to various condiments and found some Indian style pickled garlic.  I've never tried it, so I decided to try it.  Then I remembered that I simply love bhindi masala (masala made with okra aka lady-fingers).  They had a frozen type but also the MTR bhindi masala:….  I loved the MTR bhindi masala because it's good for busy folks as you just drop the pouch in boiling water, let it heat up and then eat.  However, I figured maybe the frozen variety would be a bit healthier.  

    I also found garlic naan in their freezer section.  You just don't understand how happy I am right now!  However, if you've lived abroad, got addicted to easy to find foreign foods there and have repatriated, you might 😉

    I'm by no means an expert on Indian foods or products, but when I lived in Seoul, the Indian market was a place I'd go to frequently.  The Usha Food Market appeared to be well-stocked with all sorts of foods, drinks and other products like toiletries and even Bollywood movies. The tip off that an ethnic spot is good is that you see people of that ethnicity shopping there.  They were too, so I found a good place.

    Basically, if you're familiar with Indian foods but don't know where to find them, this is a great place to go.  They were helpful and also very friendly.  That makes a huge difference for me when I'm shopping.  I highly recommend this place.

    They're tucked away in the rear of the center next to a big pet grooming store.  They're in the corner on the right.  Behind them on the inside in the Chinese market.  I can't recall the name of that market, therefore, I can't review them separately.  However, it makes it very convenient for me to have them both next to each other.

    thumb Regina W.